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We link investors looking for growth with businesses that need money fast. 
Just like you, we've needed to make sacrifices to get where we are today. We're real, and have the flexibility and experience to help YOU GROW.



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We believe that it “takes people to grow people”.  Whether you’re a business looking to borrow funds, or an Investor wanting to create financial growth for your future. We have the flexibility and experience to help you grow.

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YouGrow Investments

We’re flexible
We work with you to create a tailored solution for your needs.


YouGrow Investments

We’re fast
Once all paperwork is received we can have an outcome to you within 48 hours.

YouGrow Investments

We’re people
Just like you, we’ve needed to make sacrifices to get to where we are today. We’re real, and here to help.


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We have an ongoing commitment to delivering a high level of service conducted with integrity; and producing superior results via ongoing innovation.  Contact us today and see how our flexible solutions can work for you. 



YGI hooked me up with a borrower looking for a short term money fix, they did all the leg work in putting a deal together for us. It was so easy I did it again 3 months later. I have and will continue to recommend YouGrow as a great alternative to “lazy money”.
— Lara - Investor
I desperately needed a quick cash injection of $20,000 to complete a renovation project on an investment property. The process was very easy, fast and supportive. The result was an extra $40,000 profit on the sale of the property. The thing I liked the most about the team at YGI is that they actually care about me and my business; I am not just a number. I trust YouGrow with my business and would be more than happy to invest with them again.
— Ruth Hibbert - Borrower