YouGrow Investments

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YouGrow Investments links Investors who are looking for minimum growth of 12-15% pa, with businesses that need money fast. 

We take the time to understand your needs as an Investor and how you would like your money to work for you. We then match opportunities that fit within your scope to your profile. You link directly with a Business looking for short term finance.

YouGrow Investments

YouGrow Investments


YouGrow Investments acts as an intermediary between Investors and Borrowers. We can oversee the entire process including:

Due diligence 

  • Ensuring that the Borrower has a feasible plan for the Loan
  • A viable exit strategy (i.e. that they will be able to pay back the Loan)
  • Credit History
  • Security (that they have property with enough equity to cover the Loan plus any interest that is accrued)


  • Outlining how the transaction will work (purpose of Loan, amount required, time frame etc.)
  • Organising all legal paperwork in conjunction with both parties
  • Managing the process (repayments, staying in touch with clients and ensuring a smooth process along the way for all parties).

We work with a great legal team to ensure that when it comes to our Agreements, all bases are covered.

I approached YouGrow because I wanted to get a better return on my cash than the bank. YGI helped me by finding a deal that matched what I was looking for with little risk, and they managed the whole process for me. One thing I liked was their continual communication throughout the transaction. The experience exceeded my initial expectation.
— Amy K - Investor

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