YouGrow Investments

Having been involved in multiple property deals we came to realise there must be a simpler, more efficient way to get finance beyond the traditional banking system. Private Money Lending was a natural progression for us.


Our Mission

To provide alternate finance opportunities for Business and Investors to reach their full potential and goals sooner.

The YouGrow Investments team

We believe that it “takes people to grow people”.  With this in mind, we began to create a business focused on helping others, who like themselves, are looking for flexibility in the quest to achieve their goals. 

Mark is founder of the company and a Father to two boys, Jacob 22 and Lucas 14. He spent two decades associated with professional sports, both as a player and coach. He understands the commitment it takes to being a high performance athlete and has transferred these principles into his business values.

Mark spent 18 years in manufacturing management for two global giants where he gained extensive experience as a continuous improvement specialist. The foundation of his success (in overseeing one of the most cost effective and efficient operations in the industry), was based upon world class manufacturing principles and his drive for results.

From part-time renovator and creative property strategist to full time business owner, he appreciates the highs and lows of business, and uses his broad knowledge and experience to devise solutions for people across Australia.

Mark Heritage - Founder

Mark Heritage - Founder

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago
— Warren Buffet